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Picture of Whisky Case Bluetooth Portable Tower Speakers (40W)

I always wanted a compact yet powerful speaker system for my work table, but I couldnt find any inspiration to build one.But when I saw the Glenfiddich single malt scotch whisky I instantly fell in love with it, not with what was inside the bottle but with what was outside , its case . The triangular design was just perfect for a corner speaker.So after two days of work I came up with this unique speaker system and it was just perfect for my table.It has bluetooth ,USB, SD,FM and AUX support.

It even has a FM transmitter so that music from the above sources can be transmitted wirelessly to all other systems around the house.Its very useful when you want different music systems in your home to play the same song in sync.It also helps if you have old systems which only supports FM and AUX.

The system has four 3 inch 10 watt speakers and two tweeters which is more than enough to fill the whole hall with deep bass and super clear sound.The speaker can be used in its tower position or by lying it on its back.

Step 1: Things You Will Need:-

1. A Glenfiddich single malt whisky case or any other whisky case which is made of hard non flexible cardboard.

2. 3 inch 10 watt full range speakers 8 ohms X 4

3. 1 inch tweeters(small car tweeters can be used) X 2

4. Audio panel with multiple music input and remote X 1

5. Any cheap car radio transmitter. X 1

6. 20 + 20 watt amplifier 12 volt 4 ohms. X 1

7. DC jack X 2

8. DC switch X 2

9. 1000uf 35v capacitor X 1

10. A small telescopic antenna

11. Potentiometer( volume control)

12. L7805 voltage regulation IC X 1

13. Pringles can ( the 3 inch diameter one)

14. 12 volt 2.6 ah anti spill battery(choose a battery that fits your whisky case design) X 1

kksjunior2 years ago

Nice one bro...!!!

patrick panikulam (author)  kksjunior2 years ago


hedgesci2 years ago

all I can say is that you have good taste as far as spirits go.

patrick panikulam (author)  hedgesci2 years ago