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Picture of White Nectarine Sorbet

We all made it halfway through the year, it's the peak of summer, air is warm and the cotton is high. All this warm humid air and bright sunny skies has blessed us with the best produce summer could provide. If you noticed, stone fruit seasoned started not too long ago around early June and it is just getting better as the weeks go by. The nectarines, peaches, plums, pluots are all getting sweeter by the day. Besides snacking on them fresh, what other ways could we appreciate this beautiful season without turning on the oven? Because honey, no ones wants to stand in front of a hot oven when it's already 90 degrees outside!

Well, we shall make a Sorbet! Sorbets are a fantastic and refreshing frozen treat perfect for summer. They are like ice cream, smooth and sweet but minus the cream, eggs, cornstarch and all that jazz. They are mainly made from the best ripest fruit available, sugar syrup and a hint of alcohol (just to prevent those little ice crystals from forming too much)

In this recipe, I will be using the ripest, most fragrant white nectarines. They are incredibly sweet, luscious and are just perfect. These are served with a few fresh fruit cuts but you can leave them out if you wish. Also, I later found out today that fresh mint leaves taste absolutely amazing paired with white nectarines. I can't put to words how amazing they are, you just have to try it yourself! So let's get to it ;)

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Wonderful332 months ago
Do you think this will work well with coconut rum instead of vodka?

it looks so good.
PieBaby89 (author)  Wonderful332 months ago
Like Malibu? Yep! Any sort of alcohol will hinder major crystallization. But if you are hoping to add in some coconut rum flavor, I'm afraid it won't be detectable at all since we only use 1tbsp. And adding more than 1tbsp might stop the crystallization altogether and the sorbet will remain a slush.
Awesome thank you. I’m not worried about the flavor of coconut it’s just that is the only alcohol I have at the moment.
DougZ12 months ago
A bit of ginger works brilliantly with peaches/nectarines.
PieBaby89 (author)  DougZ12 months ago
That is a fantastic recommendation! I love ginger but would never have thought to pair them with peaches and nectarines. Thanks Doug! :D
DougZ1 PieBaby892 months ago
This is my secret ingredient in pies and anything peach/nectarine related. 1 TSP ground per 3 lbs is just about enough. Fresh requires a bit more.
PieBaby89 (author)  DougZ12 months ago
Well I guess it ain't a secret no more ;) Thank you so much Doug for sharing! I appreciate your tips
jessyratfink2 months ago
This sounds heavenly and I agree mint is lovely with stone fruits! Peaches and plums are wonderful with mint too :D
PieBaby89 (author)  jessyratfink2 months ago
Aren't they? I should try it with plums like you've said, never have tried that before :D
That looks really good!
PieBaby89 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 months ago
Thank you!
bbqandbeer2 months ago
FYI: A longer blog doesnt mean youre any better, especially if all your crap is redundant.

final thoughts.

Refreshing drink


Put ice in cup and add water

Tada, glass of ice water.

I feel refreshed...

We dont need a damn life story...