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Picture of Wipy: the Overly Motivated Whiteboard Cleaner
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Did you ever get tired of cleaning the whiteboard? Have you ever wondered how much your life would improve if a robot could do this for you? You now have the chance to make this a reality with Wipy: the overly motivated whiteboard cleaner. Wipy will properly clean your embarrassingly bad drawings, and it will even do it with a cute smile. You don't even need to activate it! It will just clean the board when you least expect it... Uhhh...*cough cough*...we, of course, mean: when you need it most!


- Our future friend will be able to stick to the board using magnets and is able to move through space using grippy wheels.
- It will be able to follow a line and erase it using a line-following sensor and a sponge.
- Wipy has the ability to measure the distance to your hand using a time-of-flight sensor.
- We will give Wipy a cute personality using a small OLED screen.

The project was conducted as part of the Computational Design
and Digital Fabrication seminar in the
ITECH masters program.

Lasath Siriwardena, Simon Lut & Tim Stark

Step 1: Wipy's Logic

Picture of Wipy's Logic

Wipy works based on the interplay between the line sensor and the Time of flight sensor. Depending on what kind of line it detects and how close your hand is, Wipy react in a number of ways as seen in the diagram.

ianmcmill3 months ago
Replace the wiper with a pen mount and the sensor board with a CNC shield for Arduino + ESP8266 = Writy. The overly motivated whiteboard schmoozer
Put that with another Wipy and watch them undo each other's work constantly
The Wipy Wars
Return of the ....
7shuning3 months ago
Anyone reminded of splatoon?
lao99 7shuning3 months ago
VinczeZ3 months ago
What if you put the magnets into the wheels?
Lots of smaller magnets. Maybe a printed wheel?
This is great!
gerflash3 months ago
OK, but this isn't April 1!
afraser-kruck3 months ago
I love the humor :)
This is great! Reminds me of that one cleaning robot in WALL-E :)