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Picture of Wire Weaving Basics - Heart Ring
Pink Wire Ring 04.jpg
Pink Wire Ring 12.jpg
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Pink Wire Ring 20.jpg

I designed this project specifically to help people learn and practice wire weaving techniques and end up with a pretty piece of jewelry to be proud of and enjoy. I kept the materials extremely simple so that anyone can make this ring as long as you have some wire and a couple of tools.

This heart ring is it perfect project for someone new to wire weaving. Because a ring is intrinsically small, the weaving is very manageable. Larger wire weaving projects take more effort to keep the wire from tangling and to maintain the shape of your project. This ring should take only a couple of hours, giving you time to make more in lots of colors and keep on practicing!

Step 1: The Ring

Picture of The Ring
Pink Wire Ring 14.jpg
Pink Wire Ring 07.jpg

Because this is a wrap-around ring, it is adjustable. Here, the same ring is shown on two people with different sized fingers. Also, it's easy to wear on multiple fingers. And since size isn't a big issue, this ring makes a great gift.

JoannaZ5 made it!13 days ago
I made this!
JoannaZ52 months ago
Could I sell this?
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  JoannaZ52 months ago
Thank you for being respectful and asking. You can give the rings as gifts. You can share the tutorial for free as long as you credit me for the work. You cannot sell either the ring or the tutorial as this is my original proprietary design. However, you can also make your own design using these weaving techniques. Thanks again!
MichelleD2225 months ago
I'd like to try this on a larger scale for a cuff bracelet.
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  MichelleD2225 months ago
I've done this and it works great. Just use a heavier base wire, preferably at least 16 gauge.
Outsmart Lady5 months ago
Nice ring...
I like it very much...
Thanks for sharing this project..
Thank you so much!
One day I will try wire wrapping...
Thanks! Let me know when you do :-)