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Picture of Wire Wrapped Swirls Glass Pendant
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I think of this jewelry project as a 2-ingredient pendant. All you need is one lampworked glass bead and a length of copper wire. The matching ribbon necklace is optional. It also requires minimal tools, so this is a great project to take on the go.

Step 1: ​Picking a Bead

Picture of ​Picking a Bead
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Lampworked glass is made by using a torch to melt glass into beautiful shapes and designs. Lampworked glass beads can be made in large simple batches or labored over individually into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. As such, these beads come in a very wide variety of styles and prices.

For this project we will use a 20-25mm flat round bead. You will have many colors and options to choose from including transparent, matte, swirls, dots, and foil-lined. (I chose warm colors with a matte finish and a swirl pattern.) Prices will vary from about $ .50 - $5 per bead.

If you're looking online, just search lampwork glass beads or lampworked glass beads.

Note: Fire Mountain Gems is inexpensive and has a large selection.

fabricgriffin4 months ago
Very nice job! Well written, and the pictures show each step clearly. This is something I will try, and with a lot more confidence.
Great! Please consider posting a photo when you try the project. I'd love to see what you make!! :-)
Very clean and good looking work!
Thank You!! I Enjoy your work, too!
That wire wrapping and those beads are just beautiful :D
Thank You! The beads make me think of creamsicles :-)