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Picture of Wonder Woman Cosplay: Shield, Bracers, Shin Guard, Harness

My Daughter wants to have a superhero birthday party, what could be better than having a Wonder Woman costume for her. We had purchased the costume, but some of the props are not as good, so I decided to embark on some research to make a set of props that are looks much better than what comes with the costumes. All in all it took me one week, long sleepless night to complete it all, but I am quite happy with the result. So I thought why not share this with everyone else so that everyone can benefit from this.

Step 1: Making the Shield

Picture of Making the Shield

Thanks to other contributor Seamster, I found a instructions to make the shield. Here are his instructables to make Captain America shield.

Here are the list of materials used:

- Cardboard (I used recycled chocolate wafers box)

- Fibreglass cloth

- Epoxy resin

- Gold spray pain

- Colouring pastel

Tools used:

- Acto knife

- Hot glue gun

Just a note, I scale the shield to 75% when during the printing so that it scale for my daughter.

It is important to follow his guide, by having 20 piece and glued 5 piece together to make the quarter shield. Once I am happy with the shape, I proceed to make the shield stronger by using the fibreglass resin.