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Picture of Wood burning stove with hotplate from gas bottle

What is more backyard ('garden' to us Brits) than cooking sausages? Nothing!

A few things came together for this project:

1) I had an old gas bottle to get rid of and the dump will not accept these.

2) I had a large pile of scrap wood to get rid of.

3) I wanted a hotplate so that I can make a cup of tea (I am English) and griddle sausages.

The solution to these 'problems' suggested itself.

First of all an apology for mixing metric and imperial measures. That's just the way I work...

Step 1: Materials and tools


Gas bottle (mine was 12kg)

Steel plate for hotplate. This needs to be quite thick. Mine was 6mm.

Pipe for chimney. Mine was about 4in diameter.

Short piece of 2 inch Square steel tube for air inlet

1 in square tube for legs

old paint roller for air inlet handle

old welding hammer for door handle

1 inch x 1/4 inch steel bar for door catch and hinge connectors

10mm diameter steel bar for pivot

thin piece of steel for air intake valve

thin steel strips for the door seal

Furnace sealant

Stove paint

BBQ thermometer (£3 from China)


Angle grinder

Adjustable spanner (wrench)


Tap and die set for the pivot (you could just use a large bolt)

Andyman722 months ago
Looks great. I found with my own version of this, that attaching wheels was necessary. Although I did use a disused hot water unit which is both larger and heavier. Photo attached. Great shots of your build. Happy Tea Days ahead!
Alex in NZ2 months ago
Really inventive sourcing on the materials. I love the re-use of the paint roller!
I don't believe your claim that your backyard is in the UK though, as the photographs do not show rain.
Thanks for sharing an awesome design :-)
SteveW3552 months ago
A really nice project that you have made look easy enough for me to attempt.
seamster2 months ago
Very nice! I like the way you did the hinge, and the welding hammer for handle is a great touch too. Thank you for the ideas! : )