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Picture of Wood Stove

Winter. Those nine months out of the year we spend huddled against our electric baseboard heaters in ski masks because we know all too well that the most inefficient way to use electricity is by using it for heating. But what if there were a way to huddle around a wood burning hearth just about anywhere (OUTDOORS ONLY)? That’s why I decided to make a portable version of my wood stove to enjoy that toasty warmth everywhere (OUTDOORS ONLY). The duration of heat provided by your wood stove will depend on size and wood species, but you can expect anywhere from 15 mins to a couple of hours of warmth. Let’s get warm!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials


- Milled piece of wood (I suggest selecting a hardwood if possible to extend the burn time of your wood stove, but with shivering immediacy I grabbed a 4’ piece of 2" x 6" left over from a previous project and that worked just fine ! )

- Popsicle or stir sticks (for details )

- Toothpicks (for hinges )

- Wood Glue

- Medium grit sandpaper

- Painter’s tape

- Pencil


- Hand or Powered Woodworking Tools (depends on how cold you are! )

- I used the following, but use what you have access to:

o table saw

o mitre saw

o Japanese pull saw

o miniature spokeshave

o 5/64’’ twist bit (for toothpick hinge holes )

o 7/8’’ spade bit (for smoke stack -aesthetics )

o 3/8’’ x 12’’ twist bit (for smoke stack -function )

o 3/16’’ twist bit (for the door’s vent holes )

o 2 1/8’’ forstner bit (for the hole at the front of the stove )

o flush cut side cutters (to trim toothpicks to length )

o carving knife

o Wire stripper/cutters (for cutting the detail pieces of the door )

o 1’’ strip sander (for the shaping of the hinges and handle )

o drill / drill press

o small flat file

o 1/8’’ paring chisel

LondonThunder6 months ago
This is such a good idea! It's perfect for roasting tiny marshmallows without turning them to a crisp!
Ham-made (author)  LondonThunder6 months ago
Nothing better!
Mr. Ham
Such a neat little stove!

So, can you really burn a fire in it without burning the whole thing?
Ham-made (author)  Penolopy Bulnick6 months ago
Hey Penolopy!
Thanks! Burning the whole thing is what keeps you warm! But I did contemplate making a metal insert for the interior of the stove in a most likely futile attempt to use it more than once.
Mr. Ham