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Picture of Wood Turning a BEAUTIFUL Purpleheart Pen!!!

In this Instructable I am turning a beautiful pen out of Purpleheart. Purpleheart is a naturally purple wood, and is taken from tropical rainforests in South-America, Mexico, and Brazil. It sure makes beautiful pens!

Step 1: Rough Turning

Picture of Rough Turning
Screenshot from 2019-04-30 10-00-50.png
Screenshot from 2019-04-30 10-01-30.png

Now we can turn the square blank in to a round cylinder with the gouge.

That is such a beautiful pen! And I agree that it was neat to learn about how you bring the purple color out :)
Thanks! It really never gets old watching the purple come back!
jessyratfink4 months ago
That is stunning! Love the tip about bringing the purple color back out, too. :)
Thanks! I love watching the purple come back, it really is an amazing process!