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Picture of Wooden handle for cast iron skillet

I used this cast iron skillet on my grill for the first time last week as a surface for my new salt block (Merry Christmas to me!). When I took it off the grill and onto a table, I realised that the skillet's handle was also cast iron, and therefore insanely hot. I managed to get it off, but my thick leather work gloves now have a hole where the handle burned through.

This made me realise I needed a wooden handle to eliminate the risk of burning myself in the future and save on gloves, so I got to work. First, a few safety notices, disclaimers and such:

a) Safety first. Always wear eye and ear protection. Use a breathing mask when sanding.

b) I did some research before beginning this project and found that it is not generally recommended to put wood of any kind in hot, enclosed spaces (e.g. an oven), as it may release gases which may combust or explode.

c) This handle will only be used on my grill, well away from open flame and direct heat.

d) I used pine, as that is what I had lying around. I realise this is not the best choice, but this is only a proof of concept. If the POC works, I'll think about making a handle with some better hardwood.

d) My phone has survived a dip in the river, multiple falls and a screen replacement. This has allowed debris to enter the camera lens, which explains the subpar pictures. Apologies for that!

Let's build!

Step 1: Cut wood to size

Picture of Cut wood to size

I decided to use a single piece of wood as I do not know how wood glue will react when heated and I decided it best not to risk it.

I cut my piece of wood to be the approximate size of my hand.

I placed the skillet on top of my piece of wood and drew the outline of the handle. I used a speed square to draw the verticals down on the cross-section of the wood. I then measured the thickness of the skillet's handle to centre it on the cross-section of the wood block.

pastormick1 year ago
Well done! I’m gonna have to get one of those bits.