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Picture of Wooden hanger lamp

Here is a repurposed use for wooden hangers. In my previous iterations of this project I've been inspired by a pelagic marine mollusc called the Nautilus, which is where the design of this lamp comes from.

Step 1: Wooden hangers

Picture of Wooden hangers

I had an abundance of wooden hangers left over for a spring cleaning so I thought to recreate a lamp I had made previously.

This project will only take 15 hangers, make sure to have them all matching in style.

Really awesome :)

umeko03281 year ago

It looks really awesome and i am going to try this to see if it work.

live4ktm1 year ago

Wow - really nice. I have been wondering how to use old hangers. You have opened up a world of ideas. Thanks.

That looks really cool. I wonder how easy it would be to turn this into a giant spider shape.