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Picture of Wooden Notebook With Engraved Cover

This project is to turn an ordinary wire-bound notebook into a custom-made wooden notebook with an engraved design.
The front and back cover will be replaced with custom covers made from plywood. You can use any type of spiral bound notebook, as long as it is possible to non-destructively remove the spiral.


  • Plywood Notebook (spiralbound)
  • Sandpaper
  • Hard Wax Oil


  • Laser Cutter Clean Rag
  • Inkscape (or any other software for creating vector files)
  • Scanner (optional)

Step 1: Creating the Cut Files and the Design for the Engraving

Picture of Creating the Cut Files and the Design for the Engraving

The notebook I used has a wire-o binding. The spiral can be opened by simply bending it apart slightly. I took out the front cover and put it on a scanner to get a digital image with exact dimensions. If you don’t have access to a scanner you can of course simply take the measurements by hand.

I then used Inkscape to trace the scanned cover image and create a vector file for cutting. This way it is easy to make sure the holes for the spiral are in the correct position. The wooden notebook will be a gift and I wanted to add a forest/hunting themed design. So I drew a stag between some trees. Once I was happy with the design of the engraving I positioned it on the drawing of the cover page.

The red lines mark where the laser will be cutting, and the black areas will be engraved. You can download the file in SVG or PDF format here. The size of my notebook was approximately A5 and the distance between the center of the holes for the spiral was 12.6 mm. Will need to adjust the design for other dimensions.

Gadisha1 month ago
It also makes a great rorschach test; at first glance I thought that it was the silhouette of the lower part of a woman's body (hip area) rofl XD
This is great! I love the cover design :)
Thanks :-)