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Picture of X-Pong Table: Four Person Circular Ping Pong Table

Hope you enjoy my tutorial and explanation for X-Pong: The New Ping Pong

Step 1: Intro and Explanation

I created this in order to submit it to a contest. However, when a contest that worked for it came out, this table was ineligible because It was published before the start. I was so disappointed.

I did all that work and then was ineligible. So I have decided to re-make the instructable and delete my old one.

I added quite a bit to this one and put it a lot more work.

It has revamped rules and explanations

I wish I did not have to take the old one down, but it was the only way.

Here it goes:

I've always enjoyed ping pong, but I didn't own a ping-pong table. I didn't just wanna buy or create a normal ping-pong table because that seemed boring. Instead, I decided to reinvent both the game and the table. I decided to make the table circular and revamp the rules of the game.
This instructable will show you how I made my table, and try to teach you how to make one yourself This project took me about 8-10 hours total over a four day period and ended up costing about 100 dollars. All of the materials were rather easy to obtain and pretty much everything went according to plan.

EmmasDroids7 months ago
Very clever, that's an epic project.
How'd you even come up with this! So darn cool.
I agree!
Titan0203039 months ago
This looks like so much fun, I can imagine someone from a big company seeing these and all of a sudden they're everywhere. Great job!