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Picture of Bernoulli, You're Such a Wind Bag!

With just one breath you can fill up a 6 ft bag of air. Way to go wind bag! Challenge friends and coworkers to see how many breaths it takes them to fill up a bag with air.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Materials for this are

Diaper Genie Refills


Jason S13 months ago
This is great. One of my favorite things I learned about in school.
Cats Science Club (author)  Jason S12 months ago
Thanks! What are some of the activities you remember the most?
Kdemon3 months ago
Great instable, here is a video I found

Cats Science Club (author)  Kdemon2 months ago
Nice video. Thanks for sharing!
yrralguthrie3 months ago
In my classes, I just used a couple of books and a piece of paper. Put the books on a desk about 2 inches across and lay the paper across the gap. Blow through the opening, the paper will suck down into the gap. It's too simply a process to use your example in class.
Cats Science Club (author)  yrralguthrie2 months ago
Yes! That is a great example.
jmacuk3 months ago
Very nice! And don't forget how to remove a cork from a wine bottle with a plastic bag!
Cats Science Club (author)  jmacuk2 months ago
How? That would be cool to do.
Thanks for sharing another fun way to demo science principles. Love that you used this to build up to rockets. :)
Thanks! The kids always get a kick out of doing these with their own bags. Sometimes it is a demo, sometimes each kid gets their own, all depends on funds. Great fun either way.