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Picture of Z-light (alpha)

Hi, night bicycle trails are pretty popular in my country. I thought it would be cool if you have, beside of primary light, light which direction you can control with joystick. As I am a fan of MTB my requirements were: reliability, so you can use it in moderate terrain, low price and simplicity so everybody can make it. This is first version of Z-light I would call it alfa, its not field tested yet, but I believe it can make a regular trip. To make it, you will have to: 3D print parts, solder, crimp dupont connectors and program arduino nano (copy paste). If you never did this stuff before, don't worry it is all basics and youtube is filled with great tutorials.

Step 1:

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seamster6 months ago
This looks really good and useful! Nice work on the light, as well as this instructable!
SlavoS (author)  seamster5 months ago
Thank you :)