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Picture of Zig Zag Aluminum Ring DIY TUTORIAL

This zig zag cuff ring is a metalworking jewelry project for beginners.

The making process of this ring involves; cutting metal with a jewelers’ saw, filing, sanding, annealing, stamping, shaping and patina application.

We will be using a contemporary jewelry metal: ultra-light aluminum. In addition to being a light weight metal, aluminum is a silver colored non-tarnishing metal.

Aluminum gives you the look of silver without the high cost, making it ideal for beginner’s jewelry making projects.


Picture of MATERIALS

Aluminum strip 1/16 x ½ x 3“

crazypj4 months ago
I prefer to use ordinary hand soap, it seems easier to heat from the back until soap goes dark brown, to black you can even use kitchen stove to do it that way. little more clean up but easier than using Oxy/DA or propane torch. All you need are pliers and a bit of care
AnandM545 months ago
Wow, simple great idea and nicely did it!!
What alloy of aluminum did you use? What sort of place sells these blanks or stock? Thanks.
I really like the fun and simple design :)
audreyobscura5 months ago
I love the way the stamped aluminum looks!