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Picture of Zoetrope - Human to Skeleton

Learn how to animate 3D printed objects! Zoetrope were some of the first examples or experiments with animation. Experience the magic of animation by following the 9 steps below to make your very own human to skeleton animation.

You will need:

Internet to use

3D Printer

Wooden Disk - (laser cut if nonpurchasable)

Poster Paper




Movable light

Paint and brushes


Hot Glue

Drill (possibly)


Step 1: Use Tinkercad

Picture of Use Tinkercad

Head to to either hand build or import a human bust and skeleton. Overlay the two and using a sphere create holes in the bust to reveal parts of the skeleton. Create a total of 12 objects, each changing suddently until you have a full loop of a bust to a skeleton that starts and finishes with very similar looking objects. Create objects that are no bigger than 2 inches wide and no taller than 4 inches.