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Picture of how to make a pop can yo-yo (makes great gifts)
 i needed a gift more my bro for x-mas so my search for great homemade gifts began and i created this.....

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
hot glue gun.jpg
Hot Glue Sticks.jpg
 - pop cans (2)
-old pencil
-scissors to cut cans, string and pencil
-hot glue and lots of hot glue sticks
lemonie9 years ago
Very much like this one ("The balance stinks" and yes the metal edges do catch the string) - How's the balance on this, and do the edges catch? (I notice you folded them over to make 'em smoother)

laurent123 (author)  lemonie9 years ago
 i folded my edges in and it works great but i cant yo-yo but my brother can and it works for him
Oh good, you improved on the design!

Kiteman9 years ago
Nice use of a webcam to show the steps.

How about a video of it in action?
laurent123 (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
 i cant yo-yo but if i can convince my brother i can get him to show you